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Alright, mates, gather ‘round because I’ve got another cracking casino game review that might just be the most exciting thing since cold toast. Well, maybe not. “Devil Joker” is essentially riding on the coattails of “Gates of Olympus” with all the enthusiasm of a teenager cleaning their room. It’s got the same 6-reel setup, cascading wins, and the all-too-familiar 96.5% RTP. This game will only be released in certain geo’s and we’re not 100% certain they will be launching it in New Zealand.

But let’s not mince words; it’s practically a carbon copy, only this time with the Devil himself making appearances instead of Zeus. They’ve slapped a new coat of paint on it and called it a day. You’ll get your multipliers, free spins, and the tantalising promise of a 5,000x max win, but don’t expect any revolutionary gameplay.

Playing Devil Joker feels a bit like déjà vu – you’ve seen it all before, but with less charm and more, well, devils. Still, if you’re in for the familiarity and don’t mind the repetitive nature, it might just be the slot for you. But if you’re seeking thrills and chills, you might want to keep looking.

Devil Joker Free Play Demo

Free play 
Beheaded Slot Demo

First Impressions: Deja Vu, Anyone?

Stepping into the world of Devil Joker Slot, I couldn’t help but feel a strange sense of déjà vu. It was like I’d been here before, spinning the reels of a familiar game.

To be honest, the similarities to Gates of Olympus were blindingly obvious. The layout, the symbols, even the colour scheme screamed rehash.

The graphics are decent, I’ll give them that. Yet, they echo the mythical vibes of Olympus, just with a devilish twist. Instead of Zeus, we now have a cheeky devil grinning at us.

The gameplay? Oh, it’s just like meeting an old friend. Cascading reels, scatter symbols, and free spins. It’s all packed in here, unchanged, like a rerun of my favourite sitcom.

Naughty Or Nice?

  • Naughty: Same old mechanics
  • Nice: Smooth graphics

Finding Differences
I felt like I was playing a “spot the difference” game. It’s as if they took Gates of Olympus, slapped on some devil horns, and called it a day.

Even the bonus features are like a slightly naughty version of what we’ve seen before. Instead of heavenly multipliers, we get hellish ones. Not exactly groundbreaking.

I guess if you loved Gates of Olympus, you’ll feel right at home. But if you were hoping for something new and exciting, you might be as disappointed as I was.

Graphics and Themes: Spot the Difference!

I’ve got a game for you: it’s called “Spot the Difference!” between Devil Joker Slot and Gates of Olympus. Spoiler alert: it’s harder than you’d think.

When it comes to visuals, Gates of Olympus is all about ancient Greece. Think majestic temples, marble columns, and ol’ Zeus shooting lightning bolts for fun.

On the other hand, Devil Joker Slot gives us a cheeky twist. Instead of ancient Greece, we get medieval mischief. Expect jesters, castles, and a lot of red and black.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison:

FeatureGates of OlympusDevil Joker Slot
ThemeAncient GreeceMedieval Mischief
Colour SchemeGold and blueRed and black
Main CharacterZeusDevil Joker
SymbolsMythical itemsPlaying cards and jesters

While Gates of Olympus has graphics depicting gods and legends, Devil Joker Slot loves its playing cards and jesters.

Every corner of Gates of Olympus is designed to make you feel like you’ve stepped into a grand myth.

With Devil Joker Slot, picture jesters hopping around, causing chaos – a medieval festival gone wild!

But let’s be honest, you could swap Zeus with a juggling jester in either game, and I bet half of us wouldn’t even flinch. Because, at the end of the day, both games are reskins, just wearing different outfits!

Game Mechanics: Spinning the Same Old Reels

When it comes to Devil Joker Slot, it’s like putting on a pair of comfy old thongs that have seen better days. The game sticks to the classic spinning reel system, like most other slot games that haven’t had a fresh idea since the ’90s.

Meet the 3×3 reel grid, a setup as exciting as vegemite on toast. There’s nothing new here: spin the reels, match the symbols, and hope for the best. If you squint, you might think you’re playing on a machine from your local pub.

A major feature is the flaming Re-spin of Fire. Get two stacked reels without a win, and the third reel gets a free re-spin. It’s like déjà vu but with fire. You just sit there, crossing your fingers and toes, praying the game throws you a bone.

If that’s not enough excitement for you (it probably isn’t), there’s a bonus Wheel of Multipliers. Match symbols and get a chance to spin this wheel. With multipliers up to 10x, you might actually feel a twinge of excitement. Or not.


  • Familiar game mechanics
  • Flaming Re-spin of Fire adds a tiny thrill
  • Bonus Wheel of Multipliers can increase your wins


  • Feels like every other slot game
  • Minimal innovation
  • The excitement of watching paint dry (almost)

In short, playing Devil Joker is a bit like eating your thousandth meat pie – you know what you’re getting, and it tastes the same as it always has.

Features and Bonuses: A Glimmer of Creativity?

While the Devil Joker Slot might look like a lazy rehash of Gates of Olympus, it does bring in some creative touches in its features and bonuses. It has free spins and multipliers as its main attractions.

Free Spins: Been There, Done That

Free spins are standard in many slot games, and Devil Joker is no different. Get three or more scatter symbols, and you’re off to the races with a set of mostly predictable free spins. To shake things up slightly, these free spins come with a chance to trigger additional spins within the round.

Not groundbreaking by any measure, but hey, at least you get a freebie shot at winning without having to bet more of your money. The downside? It’s still the same old feature we’ve seen countless times. A bit like getting socks for Christmas—you appreciate it, but you’d hoped for something more exciting.

Multiplier Mayhem: A Slight Twist

Now, this is where things get a tad more interesting. Devil Joker introduces multipliers in a rather chaotic fashion. Rather than a simple multiplier, it mixes in random multiplier symbols that can pop up during any spin. Imagine hitting a 10x or even a 50x multiplier out of nowhere.

It adds an element of surprise, which is often missing in other slot games. You feel that rush of excitement when you see a high multiplier symbol, knowing it could turn your otherwise modest win into a huge payout. Though this feature echoes Gates of Olympus, it does have its unique flare with higher potential multipliers.

Betting and Payouts: The Devil’s in the Details

When you dive into Devil Joker Slot, you’ll quickly find that placing your bets is a piece of cake, just like pretending to be interested in your mate’s stamp collection.

Bet Range:
Minimum Bet: $0.66
Maximum Bet: $132

The game offers a variety of betting options, perfect for every type of player — whether you’re pinching pennies or throwing money around like confetti.

Let’s break down the payouts, because who doesn’t love a good table, right?

CombinationPayout Multiplier
3 Wilds5x
4 Wilds10x
5 Wilds20x
3 High Symbols1x
4 High Symbols5x
5 High Symbols10x

In this game, landing these combinations will have you laughing all the way to… well, maybe not the bank, but at least the nearest Macca’s.

Free Spins: Spin and win 15 free spins with at least four Zeus scatter symbols. Your multiplier gets a boost during these free spins, rolling just like my eyes at a bad joke.

The combinations and multipliers can turn a small bet into a mountain of chips, assuming you manage to charm Lady Luck, of course.

So, place your bets, watch the symbols line up, and let’s hope the payouts are more exciting than my last New Year’s Eve party.

Mobile Experience: Swiping Past the Similarities

Playing the Devil Joker Slot on my mobile feels like I’ve stepped into a time loop. The game’s interface, swiping mechanics, and touch responsiveness are smooth, no doubt. But, if you’ve played Gates of Olympus on your phone, you’ll likely get a sense of déjà vu.

Visuals and Layout:

The layout is almost a clone. On my mobile, the six-reel grid is crisp and clear, which is a win. But seriously, couldn’t they spice up the visuals a bit? It’s like they ran out of creative juice after designing Gates of Olympus and decided to just slap a Joker mask on it.

Performance and Speed:

No complaints about performance, though. The game loads quickly, runs without a hitch, and responds to swipes like it’s supposed to. Whether I’m on the tram or chilling at the beach, the game runs like a charm, which is more than I can say for some other slots out there.

Bonuses and Features:

Accessing bonuses and features on the mobile version is intuitive. Just tap around, and you’re in. The tumble feature and free spins are as exciting—or not—as their Gates of Olympus counterpart. If you love Gates’ features, you’ll feel right at home. If not, well, welcome to familiar territory.

User Interface:

Navigating menus is straightforward. The main buttons are exactly where you think they’d be because, you guessed it, they’re in almost the same spots as in Gates of Olympus. Handy, sure, but a bit too familiar for my taste.

Overall, if you like Gates of Olympus on mobile, you’ll find the Devil Joker Slot very, very similar. Maybe too similar.

Soundtrack and Effects: Echoes of the Past

The soundtrack of Devil Joker takes me straight back to my teenage years. It’s like someone found my old mixtape from the 90s.

The game is packed with sounds that remind me of old school arcade games and cheesy horror films. The music loops aren’t exactly groundbreaking, but they’re catchy enough to keep you entertained.

Sound Effects:

  • Spinning Reels: The classic clickity-clack.
  • Wins: A triumphant ding ding ding.
  • Special Features: A spooky whoosh that feels straight out of a B-grade horror movie.

These sounds may not be the height of innovation, but they definitely add a kitschy charm to the game. The sheer cheesiness of it all makes me laugh every time.

If I had a dollar for every time the Devil Joker game tried to spook me with a sudden boo sound effect, I’d have enough to buy myself a cup of coffee. Maybe even with a cheeky muffin on the side.

Playability: Easy to Learn, If You’ve Played Before

When it comes to playing Devil Joker, if you’ve spun the reels of Gates of Olympus before, you’ll feel like you’re putting on an old pair of socks.

The game has 6 reels and 5 rows, and you just need to look out for the scatter symbols like it’s a treasure hunt. Also, the pay mechanics are as straightforward as they get. If you’ve played Gates of Olympus, congratulations! You already know how to play Devil Joker.

The game’s RTP is 95.50%, which is slightly below average. It’s not the worst, but you might not want to bet your last dollar on it.

Here’s a quick playability checklist:

  • Reels and Rows: 6×5
  • Pay Mechanic: Scatter pays
  • Max Win: 5,000x

If you like Pragmatic Play slots, everything will feel familiar. The only real difference? The game’s theme and the fact that this joker isn’t laughing at your jokes.

In short, if Zeus didn’t strike you down with lightning in Gates of Olympus, he’ll leave you be in Devil Joker too.

Final Verdict: A Joke’s Not Funny the Second Time

When I first heard about Devil Joker Slot, I thought, “Great! Another chance for Prag to shine.” Boy, was I wrong!

This game is like your mate who won’t stop telling the same joke. You laughed the first time, sure. But by the hundredth, you’re just smiling out of pity.

Features? More Like Repackaged Yawns

  • Graphics: Same old, same old. What’s next, a Gates of Olympus collage?
  • Gameplay: If you’ve played one, you’ve played them all.
  • Bonus Rounds: They should start giving these out as party favours. They’re that common.

Another Gate to Nowhere

Prag seems to think reskinning a game is as good as creating a new one. Spoiler alert: it’s not. It’s like trying to convince someone instant coffee is gourmet. We see right through it.

Spin This, Please

There’s just nothing new here. It’s like they ran out of fresh ideas and said, “Let’s slap a new skin on it and call it a day.” If I wanted deja vu, I’d have just rewatched yesterday’s footy match.

In short, Devil Joker Slot should come with a snore warning. You’ll get more excitement out of watching paint dry.

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