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The Tarasque slot is a captivating online casino game developed by Print Studios, a name that has become synonymous with quality and innovation in the online pokie landscape. This game has stirred interest among players looking for fresh themes and engaging gameplay. It stands out with its fantasy-themed backdrop, based on the legendary French dragon-like creature, which promises a fascinating experience for players seeking both adventure and potential rewards. The game received a score of 9/10 from BigWinBoard and we really feel that that’s a fair score. We are giving Tarasque our top grade with 5 stars!

Tarasque Free Play Demo

Free play Tarasque Demo

Design and Audio

Tarasque features a stylistically distinct design paired with an engaging soundtrack that complements its theme.

Visual Effects

The game displays a rich visual palette with detailed symbols reflective of the Tarasque legend. Players can expect fluid animations that bring the mythical creature to life, amid a backdrop that captures a medieval atmosphere. Symbols are intricately designed, with sharp graphics that maintain clarity even during dynamic sequences.


The soundtrack of Tarasque provides an immersive audio experience. It comprises orchestral arrangements that evoke a sense of adventure and suspense, appropriate for the legendary theme that the game is built around. Attention to audio detail ensures that each spin and win is accented with sound effects that enhance the overall gameplay experience.

Betting Options

The Tarasque slot presents diverse betting options to accommodate various gaming preferences. This slot game operates on a betting range that starts at a minimum of $0.10 and escalates to a maximum of $50. It’s designed to cater to both conservative bettors and high rollers.

Betting Mechanics:

  • Minimum Bet: $0.10
  • Maximum Bet: $50

Players can customise their bets within this range, finding a level that suits their individual comfort and strategy. Additionally, the game includes a feature allowing the purchase of bonus rounds, enhancing player control over the game’s volatility and potential rewards.

Paylines and Reels Structure:

Tarasque features a dynamic payline and reels structure. It’s built on and 8×8 grid and pays in clusters where you need a minimum of 5 symbols to get a win.

Volatility and RTP:

The slot presents a medium volatility level, suggesting a balanced approach to the frequency and size of payouts. Its Return to Player (RTP) ratio is noted at 96.30%, which is a respectable figure in the online slot landscape. Higher RTP percentages relate to a theoretical higher return over an extended period.

Feature Bet RTPs:

Purchase options for guaranteed symbols affect the RTP slightly:

  • 3.5x Bet: RTP 96.46%
  • 12x Bet: RTP 96.58%
  • 46x Bet: RTP 96.69%
  • 105x Bet: RTP 96.89%
  • 221.7x Bet: RTP 96.46%

These feature bet variants permit strategic players to influence their game sessions by sacrificing some of their bet for a potentially increased chance of achieving winning patterns.

Tarasque game play

Bonus Features

Tarasque have engaging bonus features that enhance the gaming experience. One particularly notable feature is the game’s principal Bonus Round. This round provides players with an opportunity to substantially increase their winning potential.

The bonus mechanics are straightforward, yet they possess the depth to make each spin captivating. To trigger the Bonus Round, players must typically land a specific combination of symbols during the base game. To trigger the bonus you need to fill up the bar on the left hand side of the screen. Each level of the bar gives different features and the higher level you reach the better the feature. It’s a really unique and cool bonus round, as always Print Studios is coming up with new and cool things. To fill up the bar you need to hit multiple wins in a row.

Players eager to dive into the action swiftly can utilise the Bonus Buy option, a shortcut to the Bonus Round. By paying a premium, they get immediate access to the game’s most lucrative feature, foregoing the need to hit the trigger combination during regular play.

  • Bet Range: $0.10 – $50
  • Volatility: Medium to High
  • Max Win: Potentially up to 20,000x the initial bet
  • Bonus Buy: Available
  • RTP: 96.30%

It’s essential for players to understand that whilst Bonus Rounds may promise higher rewards, they also involve an element of risk. Thus, it’s wise to approach them with a balanced strategy to ensure a sustainable gaming experience.

Bonus buys

Payouts and Returns

Tarasque presents an intriguing prospect for players with its noteworthy payouts and returns statistics. The game features high volatility, indicating that payouts could be less frequent but potentially larger in value when compared to low volatility slots.

RTP (Return to Player): Tarasque offers an RTP of 96.30% which is considered to be within the competitive range, reflective of a fair return over the long term. Players should understand that the RTP is a theoretical percentage indicating the potential payback over an extended period of play.

Max Win: The game’s max win is a significant metric, demonstrating its potential in awarding hefty payouts in relation to the player’s stake.

Players can anticipate the following from Tarasque’s payout structure:

  • Volatility Rating: High (4/5)
  • RTP: 96.30%
  • Max Win: 20.000x

It’s essential for players to note that high volatility may lead to longer stretches without wins, but the wait can be balanced by the potential for substantial payouts. As with all forms of gambling, it’s advised that players approach the game with a clear budget in mind and engage within their financial means.

Table Summarising Key Payout Information:

VolatilityHigh (4/5)
RTP96.30% – Competitive in the industry
Max Win Potential20.000x

Frequently Asked Questions

This section answers common questions about the Tarasque slot, shedding light on its features, compatibility, volatility, free play options, potential winnings, and strategies.

What special features can I expect when playing the Tarasque slot game?

Players can expect engaging features such as Free Spins and other bonus elements that align with the high volatility of the game. The slot’s design ensures a dynamic playing experience.

Is the Tarasque slot machine available for mobile play?

Yes, the Tarasque slot is optimised for mobile play, allowing gamers to enjoy the game on various devices including smartphones and tablets.

How does the volatility of the Tarasque slot affect gameplay?

The high volatility of the Tarasque slot implies that payouts may be less frequent but have the potential to be larger. This can lead to a more thrilling yet riskier playing experience.

Can I play the Tarasque slot for free before wagering real money?

Players can access a free demo version of the game to test the gameplay and features before committing to real money wagers. You can find it here on casinogames.nz

What are the maximum potential winnings in the Tarasque slot?

The Tarasque slot offers a maximum win of up to x20.000 the player’s stake, providing substantial winning potential for lucky players.

Are there any strategies for maximising winnings on the Tarasque slot?

While the outcomes in the Tarasque slot are largely based on chance, players often adopt bankroll management tactics and familiarise themselves with the game’s mechanics in the free demo to improve their playing strategy.

As all pokies, it’s 99.9% luck to win.

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